Advanced CCTV from Prime Digital

Recent Advanced CCTV Installations we look after with up to 200 IP Cameras (average approx 45 cameras each):

  • Cambridge University
  • Bridge Academy, Hackney, London
  • Durrington High School, Worthing, West Sussex
  • Myton School, Warwicksire
  • John Hampden Grammar School, Oxforshire
  • Chestnut Grove School, London (Access & CCTV Integration)
  • Clacton Costal Academy, Essex (ANPR LPR & CCTV Integration)
  • Brampton Manor Academy, London Customer Case Study
  • John Smeaton Community College, Leeds
  • North Warwickshire & Hinckley College, Leicester
  • Thomas Becket Catholic School, Northampton
  • Chiswick School, London
  • Bishop Barrington School, County Durham
  • The Ashcombe School, Dorking, Surrey View Testimonial
  • Winston Churchill High School, Surrey
  • Huddersfield New College, Huddersfield
  • Wellsway School, Bristol

Threat - Stock Shrinkage

Many employees cite weak anti-theft measures (not their financial need) as their primary motivation to steal. More alarmingly some employees interpret management’s anti-theft measures as a sign that management is at least indifferent to theft or even tacitly condones it.

Incredibly dishonest employees do not see themselves as criminal but rather as skilful people taking an opportunity presented by their employer. They see it more as a ‘cat and mouse’ game and disturbingly at some level believe the employer even enjoys the sport.

Other common examples of employee attitude to theft include:

  • “I am underpaid and am only taking what I deserve”
  • “Everybody does it so I’d be a mug if I didn’t”
  • “They won’t miss a few pounds”
  • “The company makes a large profit and I deserve some of it because I work hard”
  • “The company doesn’t care about me, so why should I care about them”
  • “The company expects a certain amount of shrinkage and they’ll probably just write it off or claim the insurance for it anyway”

There are obviously hundreds of ways employees can steal and some of the examples are as follows:

  1. Overt Theft – this is the simplest from of employee theft. The employee makes a drink, collects the money and puts it directly into an open cash register drawer.
  2. Ringing up “No Sale” on the cash register or POS terminal
  3. Free Drinks
  4. Double Sale, Single Ring . This is when a bartender serves two customers at one time and does not conform to the industry standard of opening and closing a single transaction at one time.
  5. Sweeping the Bar . As the bartender passes through cleaning up the bar he picks up small denominations of customer monies left on the surface when the customer is not paying attention.
  6. Selling House Brands for premium Prices
  7. Using Open Checks 2 or More Times with Bar Tab
  8. Waiter and Bartender Collusion via Verbal Ordering
  9. Smuggling in Stock
  10. Over-Pouring
  11. Short or Under-Pouring

If you would like to see the full version of Prime Digitals ‘Stock Shrinkage Reduction Opportunities’ please request a copy via the contact request form on the right.

CCTV Solutions

Prime Digital can offer the complete CCTV solution from the design aspect to advice about positioning and maximising the efficiency of the CCTV system. Many factors are taken into account, such as;

  • The type and quantity of camera Camera Selection
  • The location of the camera
  • The monitoring system
  • A suitable alert should an incident occur (such as a text messaging service)

In addition to this Prime Digital also offers:

  • Complete installation including wiring and PC integration
  • A 24 hour maintenance package
  • Training on how to use the system

Before the CCTV system is in place steps will need to be taken to ensure that it complies with the governments guidelines on CCTV monitoring and surveillance. Details of the guidelines can be found at: You will need to access the section 'Guidance and other principles' then 'Codes of practice our responses & other papers' and finally 'CCTV Code of Practice'.

Once the system is in place regular reviews of its progress and maintenance are advised to guarantee maximum value from the system.

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