CCTV In Schools

We have done (and are still doing) cctv school upgrades to about 100 high school cctv systems around the UK (also university cctv). Sometimes we just start with a £800 IP based recorder licence (unlimited cameras) and then just grow the college cctv from there as funds allow.

Once the recorder is done (sometimes using a redundant server you have lying around plus the £800 licence) you simply need to add Sony high resolution cameras to the system via your own school network (only 1-2 Megabits/sec/camera for ethernet cctv on school LAN). Schools sometimes have the capability do some of their own installation under our guidance to keep costs down as well.

The key is having a long term CCTV migration plan and the right starting point. You would be amazed what you can achieve with the high definition CCTV technology that is out there now.

We have also developed our own Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) software which we supply free as part of the system for you to use on any cameras capable of capturing a licence plate image. The software logs the licence plate (and speed) of all passing vehicles into a database which you can simply keep for “after the event analysis” or you can further integrate it into your systems to open gates or text site management when a speeding vehicle enters the site. This software is also called Automatic Number Plate Regognition (ANPR) software.

Sometimes schools have lots of coax cabling in place and which will be redundant after a new IP CCTV system is put in place. It is possible to reuse some of this Coax to save new IP camera install costs using Ethernet over Coax pairs to convert longer (and more expensive) cable runs into bearers for about five 2 Megapixel cameras

A camera school (usually an IP digital camera school, these days) can often save or redeploy teaching resources more effectively into other more relevant educational areas. CCTV in school is a good way to cut costs.