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Prime Digital are aware that different environments require a different CCTV security solution. Although businesses have very similar security problems to many other sectors, including violence against staff and anti-social behaviour they are more likely to suffer from theft, either from an unknown burglar or more likely from a known member of staff.

To assist you to target revenue leakage, Prime Digital have developed a Retail Analytics Module to determine your real time revenue performance ratios such as "Pounds invoiced per Customer exiting" every ten minutes. This module uses data integrated from your financial systems and your new or existing Digital CCTV system so that suspicious incidents (unlike incidents found using normal financial ratios) can be confirmed immediately by "double clicking" on the video associated with the incident. If you would like to discuss this new Retail Analytics tool just phone or email and we can discuss your specific requirements in more detail. Recent Installations


Along with the Hospitality industry this is the sector most likely to suffer from theft and also suffers from the common staff attitudes, such as:

  • “I am underpaid and am only taking what I deserve”
  • “Everybody does it so I’d be a mug if I didn’t”
  • “They won’t miss a few pounds”
  • “The company makes a large profit and I deserve some of it because I work hard”
  • “The company doesn’t care about me, so why should I care about them”
  • “The company expects a certain amount of shrinkage and they’ll probably just write it off or claim the insurance for it anyway”

See Prime Digital's Report on Stock Shrinkage.

Prime Digital can offer security for your business and will also help and advise you with the following security questions:

  • What are your Operational Requirements (OR) for the CCTV system? (in simple terms - what do you want from it?)
  • Identify the expectations of the surveillance
  • What do you hope the system will see?
  • How will the desired results be achieved?
  • What are the prevailing lighting conditions and other environmental constraints e.g. obstruction by buildings, furniture (inside and out), trees and signs?
  • What kind of cameras do you need? Fixed or fully functional with pan, tilt and zoom facility?
  • Will the camera operator need to track movement, such as a person walking, a cyclist or a car etc or will the camera survey a static site only?
  • Do the cameras need to be colour or monochrome?
  • What communication links will be used between the scheme and the police?
  • How will the CCTV be monitored and recorded?
  • Is there a need for a purposely designed monitoring room or will your system be connected to a remote centre?
  • If you set up your own control and monitoring room, what equipment and what staff will you require?
  • Will the cameras be operated and monitored from a CCTV control centre on a regular basis?
  • if you do not use a dedicated monitoring room, you will need to establish appropriate protocols over the treatment of information gained from the system and access to the system
  • Will your system be constantly monitored or left to record or a combination of both? Whichever type is used, you will need to consider equipment for tape or disc erasure or viewing
  • The recording medium should be good enough for evidential purposes to identify offenders
  • Can the images be produced in a format the police can use? Check with your local police as there are numerous different systems available and some are not compatible with police systems
  • How long will I store the data for?

The right of privacy of individuals must also be considered.

If you would like a quote or advice on installing CCTV in your shop or office, please contact Prime Digital using the details on the right.

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