School made safe from intruders

A Grimsby school that was "vulnerable" to intruders has installed more than £100,000 of security measures.

Electronic iron gates and CCTV cameras have been put in place at Wintringham School, a comprehensive located near to the troubled Nunsthorpe estate.

It coincides with the end of a court case involving a Grimsby man who admitted assaulting a member of staff on the school premises.

Headteacher Jane Bowman said the safety of staff and students is "paramount."

In May last year, Michael Rooney, the manager of the school's inclusion unit that helps pupils with attendance and behaviour problems, was attacked by a man who had walked into the school.

We have always been extremely vulnerable to people just walking onto the premises
Jane Bowman, headteacher

Ian Friskney, 26, of Redbourne Road, pleaded guilty at the town's magistrates court and was given a drug treatment and testing order.

Mrs Bowman, who has been at the school for nearly four years, said: "It is just coincidental that this security was implemented following the court case.

"But, because of our geographical location and the fact we are a big site with lots of access points we have always been extremely vulnerable to people just walking onto the premises.

"We have had a significant number of occasions when young people and adults have just simply walked in.

"The safety of our staff and students is paramount and everyone has met the changes with enthusiasm."

Anyone visiting the school will now have to use an intercom at the iron entrance gates to communicate with the school and all members of staff have been issued with coded swipe cards to gain entry.

Mrs Bowman said: "We now have extensive external CCTV coverage surrounding the school which is monitored by staff on site."

The system has been funded by cash from the school's capital funds and North East Lincolnshire's local education authority. Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2005/05/04 08:55:17 GMT