Pubs told to improve CCTV cameras

Managers at clubs and bars in Derby are being told they will have to introduce digital CCTV cameras if they want to get their licenses renewed.

Officers have objected to eight out of nine applications on the grounds that their security is not up to standard, often with inadequate CCTV.

The move is part of a police crackdown on alcohol-related crime in the city.

Police are also deploying extra patrols in trouble hot spots at the week and issuing on the spot fines.

The licensing officer for Derby Police Clive Needham said: "We are looking more carefully at the licensing issues and alcohol-related crime and disorder.

"If we want CCTV upgrading, or indeed installing, then clearly the public entertainment licence is an appropriate place to invite the committee to impose a condition on that licence."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2004/07/22 05:42:20 GMT