Crime victims' homes to get CCTV

A dozen CCTV cameras are to be issued to families who have been plagued by hate crime in Norwich.

They will be fitted outside homes involved in ongoing inquiries by Norfolk Police's Hate Crime Unit's and connected to a television.

Pc Richard Vincent said it was hoped the cameras would offer reassurance and detect offences.

The unit specialises in investigating crimes motivated by religion, race, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Used as evidence

Pc Vincent said: "Vulnerable people will be able to see and hear what is happening outside their home at the flick of a switch.

"This may be particularly useful in situations where people have been having stones thrown at their windows and doors or where there are concerns about people calling at the house.

"If offences do occur they will be recorded and those recordings could be used in evidence to prosecute the perpetrators." Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2005/05/04 16:20:45 GMT