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Prime digital are aware that different environments require a different CCTV security solution. Although businesses have very similar security problems to many other sectors, including violence against staff and anti-social behaviour they are more likely to suffer from theft, either from an unknown burglar or more likely from a known member of staff.


Examples of sites where a more industrial solution would be advantageous would be Car Parks, Petrol Filling Stations, Building Sites and Factories.

In fact industry can mean many different environments but these tend not to be in the traditional office or shop situation. The industrial site will need a different solution again and will more than likely be the victim of vandalism or graffiti as well as the other business problems such as theft as violence. Prime Digital can arrange a free consultation and visit the site to advise which system would be best for you, whether it be large exterior camera’s which would help to deter as well as detect, or covert camera’s designed to detect once the problem has been identified.

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