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Government ‘Crime Reduction’ Initiative

The £153 million CCTV Initiative in England and Wales is an extension to the Government's Crime Reduction Programme, announced in July 1998. It is being managed jointly by the Home Office, the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR) and the National Assembly for Wales. The first round of the Initiative took place in 1999 and has so far resulted in awards of over £55 million to schemes that successfully met the funding criteria. Details of the awards appear on the Home Office Website. The second round of the Initiative, which will be in the form of a two-year rolling programme of funding, begins in March 2000.

Depending upon the results of local crime audits, crime and disorder reduction partnerships may wish to use CCTV to deal with:

  • Vehicle crime
  • Crime and disorder in housing areas
  • Burglary
  • Racially motivated crime
  • Public order problems
  • Street robbery/violence
  • Drug related crime
  • Pubs, clubs, off licence and other alcohol related crime
  • Rural crime and disorder, including measures against travelling criminals
  • Retail crime, including small community shopping areas
  • Schools related crime
  • Transport related crime
  • Hospital related crime, including violence against staff
  • Repeat victimisation
  • Low-level anti-social behaviour
  • Stolen goods.

This is an illustrative list only. CCTV proposals may be designed to address a variety of types of crime.

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