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Our overall objective when supporting all our Customer CCTV systems’ is to ensure that the system works when it is commissioned and that it continues to function to your expectations throughout its lifetime (which we both hope will be many years).

Warranty ensures the first part of our support objective.

To ensure the second part of our support objective (throughout the system lifetime) is met, we have a different approach to our competitors which will cost you between £10 and £20 per Month.

We think this is a unique approach that we have developed because our Customers told us they were not statified with paying hefty annual amounts for a CCTV maintenace contract which never delivered what the CCTV Salesman promised.

Give us a call and we can explain how maintenance of your system can work with us.

Almost all our Customers adopt our unique maintenance approach once they have discussed it with us and understand how it will avoid the arguments they always have with their existing CCTV Maintenance Provider.

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