School CCTV: The Facts


The installation of CCTV can have have immediate effects, not only as burglary prevention, but also in other areas which are detailed in this article:

Vandalism - the costs of repairs can be immense due to vandalism and graffiti caused by pupils. Damage and flooding of toilets, damage to vending machines and lockers, desks, doors etc. This also affects school morale and loss in teaching time. CCTV is effective in stopping and catching the culprits, with immediate effect and saves the school money.

In certain cases the costs can be passed back to the parents and not taken out of your school budget.

Fact - Vandalism and graffiti account for the majority of individual criminal incidents within the school environment – but reports of incidents decreasing by up to 90% are common where CCTV cameras have been installed.

A school in Nottingham has several vending machines, which were running at a loss due to theft from the machines, vandalism and the repair costs. Since installing CCTV no more damage has occured and the machines run at a profit with the school reaping the rewards.

To install cameras where vandalism may occur we suggest using vandal dome proof cameras. Many thieves,vandals and burglars attempt to disable,damage and destroy the camera with tough objects,so having a vandal proof camera is an important consideration to make. The cameras should be well placed and they may capture vandalism activity that can help your school identify perpetrators and provide punishment that may deter other vandals. CCTV cameras really are a good tool to use to help lessen occurrences of vandalism. It is the most successful measure.

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Bullying – this can be intimidation over a long period of time, mental bullying through intimidation is sometimes worse than physical bullying. However getting caught on camera and the subsequent evidence produced has reduced bullying dramatically, no more "it wasn’t me!".

Fact - 1 in 10 in secondary school pupils are bullied more than once or twice at least in any term (some research says 1 in 3 secondary students are bullied during the course of the school year).

Attacks on boys accounts for 75% of these incidents. Around 10% of children have missed school because of bullying or the fear of.

Up to 40% of secondary school students feel that their teachers are unaware of the bullying which goes on.

Toilets seem to be a popular hotspot where majority of school bullying seems to take place. A college in Manchester tackled their bullying issue by installing cameras in toilet areas.

It is known that between 15 and 25 children every year commit suicide because they are being bullied. There may be more we don't know about, and many more than this make suicide attempts because bullying has made them so unhappy.

To ensure that you create a safer environment for your pupils you can install a range of indoor/outdoor IP Cameras The cameras could truly deter bullies from victimizing other students on school grounds. For many students, just knowing that there is the possibility that their actions are being recorded could persuade them to stop what they are doing.

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Personal Assault – more serious than bullying, pupils have been assaulted, resulting in cuts, bruises and in more severe cases, serious injury. This may take up staff time if a trip to the hospital is required, also the time taken dealing with the offender, meeting with the parents and head teacher normally out of school hours.

These more serious events can have a hugely negative and emotional impact on an entire school community and affect the morale of staff and the behaviour and comfort of pupils. The installation of IP CCTV Cameras serve as both a deterrent and can provide crucial evidence should there ever be such an unfortunate incident.

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Offensive Weapons - there has been an increase in pupils carrying offensive weapons, some of which have been used in personal assaults on other pupils or teachers

By installing CCTV the number of pupils carrying offensive weapons has decreased. Those pupils caught on camera with offensive weapons can be prosecuted by the Police.

CCTV is a valuable tool when a very serious incident of this nature occurs. At Prime Digital we offer a range of IP cameras for indoor and outdoor locations. Please see our highly popular camera recommendations or contact us for either a quote or to speak to one of our CCTV engineers to discuss options of how to make your school a safer environment.

Fact - It's a frightening thought, but more children are carrying weapons, and the threat of a serious personal assault is all too likely.

A new study by researchers at Lemos and Crane on behalf of Bridge House Trust, the grant-giving arm of the Corporation of London, suggests that the use of knives and other weapons by young people is on the increase. An unrelated study, quoted in the report, found that one in ten boys aged 11 and 12 carried knives. Of those, 8% had attacked someone, meaning to cause serious harm.

A Mori survey for the Youth Justice Board found that 29% of 11-16 year old school pupils admitted to carrying a knife.

The typical first offender is between 11 and 12 and the most frequent offenders tend to be boys, aged 15-16.

Theft – not only the theft of computers, projectors and other school equipment, but also personal theft of items, mainly out of lockers or school bags in the cloakroom area. Also theft and damage to the bikes in the bike sheds. Again by installing CCTV, this can be stopped immediately. At Prime Digital we install and monitor CCTV systems for schools, providing them with remote monitoring and support during school hours. If you require a more bespoke service then please do get in contact

Fact - One of the major risks schools continue to face is theft – particularly with high value items such as computers. Securing the IT Suites may not be sufficient to deter thieves and integrating CCTV and Access Controlwould go a long way to increasing security.

Drugs - taking drugs is a crime, but rather than punish the pupils, schools have found that they can identify the culprits on camera and give them the appropriate help required.

As for the dealers, the video evidence can be passed to the police and these people can be dealt with through the justice system.

At Prime Digital we would recommend installing an IP CCTV System This can decrease installation costs by utilising existing network infrastructure - in essence making it possible to locate cameras anywhere along the network. IP CCTV also makes it easy to store images in a centralised,secure manner which is a useful way of mediating privacy issues.

Fact - The following statistics are from the results of a major national survey of secondary schoolchildren aged 11-15 published by the Department of Health (DH) in 2002.

Twelve per cent of pupils had used illegal drugs in the last month and 20% had used illegal drugs in the last year.

Boys are slightly more likely to report using drugs than girls: 13% of boys reported taking drugs in the last month compared to 11% of girls

Use of drugs increased with age. Six percent of 11-year-olds had used drugs in the last year compared to 39% of 15-year-olds.

Cannabis is the most likely drug to have been used, with 13% of pupils reporting use in the last year. Cannabis use also increases sharply with age with 1% of 11-year-olds having used the drug in past year compared with 31% of 15-year-olds.

Class A drugs had been used by 4% of 11-15 year olds. One percent say they used heroin or cocaine.

Volatile substances, glues, gases and aerosols were misused by 7% of 11- to 15-year-olds. Among younger age groups it is more widely used than cannabis.

Smoking - This is a major issue,especially in school toilets. Unfortunately this is an environment where some students feel vulnerable. Pupils should be allowed to use these facilities without any intimidation and certainly without the risk of breathing in cigarette smoke. Some schools and parents are still apprehensive about installing cameras in toilets. We have been installing CCTV Systems in schools for over ten years. In some schools cameras have been installed by us in the toilet areas but they are ONLY positioned at the entrance door or above the washbasins. Cameras are NEVER located near cubicles or urinal areas.

Schools can play a very active role in decreasing youth smoking. There are many guidelines that schools can implement to reduce smoking in young children. If children are caught smoking by CCTV Cameras then this can be effective as staff can assist them by guiding or directing them to give up smoking.

Arson – this is an on going problem and can be potentailly fatal.The health and injury impact to both staff and pupils, disruption to pupils, loss of school data, loss of pupils' schoolwork, the list of consequences is endless. Installing CCTV acts as a deterrent, and the camera evidence has been passed to the police and convictions have been made.

For further guidelines how schools can combat Arson, please read these guidelines

Fact - Statistically 1 in 15 schools will suffer a fire. According to the DfES, 75% of all fires reported in schools are as the result of Arson. In 2000 the costs of fires to schools amounted to around £65m

To deter a would-be arsonist, professionally installed, managed and maintained CCTV systems can monitor access points and vulnerable locations around the premises, and can aid quick response to limit damage and may provide valuable evidence.

Truancy – it is a parents legal responsibility to get their children to school. However pupils leaving the school after registration has been taken in the morning is increasing. The school is held responsible for the children while they are supposed to be at school.

Prime Digital can assist a school by offering not only CCTV but integrating it with Video Analytics to track pupils using facial recognition

Fact - Across the country as a whole, more than a fifth of secondary school pupils - 21% - were absent without permission at some stage, on average for 15 "half days".

Almost everyone took some unauthorised leave during school time - 92% of the pupils in primary schools and 93% of those in secondary schools.

Accidents - there have been occasions when claims have been made against the school and these claims can be refuted with the use of CCTV. Accidents can be a result of bullying. We consider the use of CCTV cameras very effective and the cameras can be used to resolve arguements relating to bullying or any claims made against staff members. Accidents are also very common around the school perimeters with parents either speeding or parking in non-designated parking zones. In instances where traffic accidents are common we recommend the installtion of an ANPR System

Unauthorised Access - monitoring access to the school is easily achieved by installing a combination of IP Cameras and Access Control This controls the entrances to the school grounds and the school itself. In addition to school gates ANPR Systems are becoming increasingly popular to monitoring unauthorised vehicles entering a site.

Prime Digital can assist a school by carrying out a security survey to identify and assess risks. From that survey recommnedations can be offerrred about which measures the school needs to tkae to minimise and control those risks. This will cover: OFSTED'S recommendations and will be CCTV compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. To arrange a complimentary site visit please contact us.

Malicious Claims - there are ever increasing claims made against staff, which can result in the teacher being suspended on full pay, pending an enquiry, that’s not taking into account the stress the teacher has to incur while being suspended pending investigation. CCTV can stop this, allowing the teacher’s a secure environment in which to work.

Fact - A Merseyside MP has called for CCTV to be installed in all school classrooms to cut the number of false allegations made against teachers. Claire Curtis-Thomas, a Liverpool MP, spoke out as chairwoman of an all-party group investigating claims of mistreatment of pupils and said that cameras were the way forward. The call comes as the number of accusations against teaching staff continues to soar and the conviction rate has fallen. Unions claim that teachers have even committed suicide over false claims.

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